Wheel of Fortune and Wealth

Vanna White Is an American television personality And game-show hostess best known for her role as the co-host Of the game show, Wheel Of Fortune, since 1982.

She gained fame for her involvement In the show, where she Has been an integral part for over four decades.

White’s career began as a model, And she competed In Miss Georgia USA In 1978 before transitioning to television.

Apart from her work on Wheel Of Fortune, she Has appeared In various films And television series.

White Is also known for her philanthropic efforts, having donated significantly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Additionally, she Is the owner Of the yarn brand Vanna’s Choice.

Throughout her career, White Has been a prominent figure In the entertainment industry, known for her long-standing presence on one Of America’s most beloved game shows.

Net worth $85 million
Profession TV personality
Date Of birth February 18, 1957
Nationality American

Background And early Life

White, born Vanna Marie Rosich on February 18, 1957, In Conway, South Carolina, Is the daughter Of Miguel Angel Rosich And Joan Marie Rosich.

Her parents divorced when she was less than a year old, And she was raised In North Myrtle Beach by her mother And stepfather, Herbert Stackley White, Jr.

White graduated from North Myrtle Beach High School And later attended the Atlanta School for Fashion And Design before pursuing a career In acting.

She moved to Los Angeles to fulfill her acting ambitions, initially landing minor roles.

However, White’s breakthrough came In 1982 when she joined the game show, Wheel Of Fortune, hosted by Pat Sajak.

Her role as the letter-turner on the show propelled her to fame, making her a household name And pop icon.

White’s journey from a struggling actress to a prominent television personality Is marked by her dedication And success on Wheel Of Fortune.

Net worth

White’s net worth Is estimated to be around $85 million.

Her wealth primarily stems from her long-standing role as the co-host Of the popular game show, Wheel Of Fortune.

Over the years, White Has Not only earned a significant annual salary from the show but Has also engaged In strategic investments And business ventures That Have contributed to her financial success.

Additionally, she Has diversified her income streams by licensing her name And Image, particularly In collaboration With her co-host Pat Sajak, Which Has been lucrative.

Furthermore, White’s involvement In real estate investments And various branding opportunities Has further boosted her net worth.

Despite earning less than Pat Sajak, who reportedly makes $14 to $15 million per year, White’s entrepreneurial endeavors And financial acumen Have enabled her to surpass him In terms Of net worth, showcasing her ability to leverage her fame And business opportunities effectively.

Career earnings

White’s career earnings stem from various sources, including her role on Wheel Of Fortune And licensing deals for casino slot machines.

While her salary on the show was reported to be around $3 million annually, she Has negotiated raises for specific versions Of the show, such as the Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune, where she secured $100,000 per episode.

Additionally, White And Pat Sajak earn at least $15 million per year from royalties, licensing fees And Other payments related to the show.

Beyond television, White’s net worth Is estimated at $85 million, With a significant portion coming from her real estate investments And business ventures like her yarn line, Vanna’s Choice.

Her successful career, spanning over four decades, showcases her financial acumen And ability to diversify income streams, making her a prominent figure In the entertainment industry With substantial career earnings.

Casino earnings licensing

White earns a substantial income from licensing her Image to casino slot machines, surpassing her earnings from Wheel Of Fortune.

The slot machines featuring the Wheel Of Fortune theme Have been incredibly successful, generating over $2 billion worldwide annually.

White, along With Pat Sajak, receives at least $10 million per year from licensing their likenesses for these slot machines.

The machines, estimated to be around 20,000 globally, are among the highest revenue-generating slot machines In casinos, With over $1 billion generated In Las Vegas alone.

This lucrative licensing deal Has significantly contributed to White’s total annual income, Which easily exceeds $15 million, showcasing the significant financial impact Of her casino licensing earnings.

Business ventures

White Has engaged In various successful business ventures That Have significantly contributed to her wealth And success.

One Of her notable ventures Is her partnership With Lion Brand Yarn, where she Has her own yarn brand called Vanna’s Choice.

This collaboration Has been lucrative for White, as she Has been the company’s spokeswoman for 18 years, generating a substantial income from This partnership.

Additionally, White Has capitalized on her Image And popularity by licensing it for casino slot machines, earning an impressive $15 million annually from This venture.

Furthermore, she Has diversified her business interests by delving into reality TV, where she Has been a prominent figure, further expanding her financial portfolio.

White’s involvement In these diverse business ventures, from yarn branding to casino licensing, showcases her entrepreneurial acumen And ability to leverage her fame And talents to create successful And profitable ventures outside Of her role as a game show hostess.

Real estate

White Has made strategic real estate investments That Have significantly contributed to her overall net worth.

She owns a 10,000-square-foot estate In the hills above Beverly Hills, Which she purchased for $3.4 million In the early 2000s.

This property Has since appreciated In value And Is now estimated to be worth More than $10 million.

Additionally, White purchased a residence In Sherman Oaks, California, for $1.125 million In 2013.

In May 2020, she put This house on the market for rent at $20,000 per month, showcasing her ability to generate income through real estate investments.

Furthermore, In 2020, she listed her lavish Beverly Hills home for $38 million, highlighting her involvement In high-end real estate transactions.

White’s real estate portfolio reflects her financial acumen And diversification strategy, demonstrating her success In leveraging property investments to enhance her overall wealth And financial security.

Early career

White’s early career involved pursuing acting And modeling opportunities.

She moved to Los Angeles In 1979 to kickstart her acting career after attending the Atlanta School Of Fashion And Design.

During This period, White faced challenges And setbacks, including minor roles In films like Graduation Day And Gypsy Angels.

Financial struggles led her to work odd jobs like tending bar And waiting tables.

Despite these difficulties, White persevered In her pursuit Of an acting career, showcasing her determination And resilience.

Her dedication to her craft eventually led to her audition for Wheel Of Fortune In November 1982, marking a significant turning point In her professional journey.

This early phase Of her career highlights her tenacity And commitment to the entertainment industry before achieving widespread fame as a game show hostess.

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Vanna White Photo/US Weekly


White’s breakthrough came In 1982 when she became a hostess on the iconic game show, Wheel Of Fortune.

This pivotal moment marked the start Of her enduring career as a television personality And game-show hostess.

White’s role as the letter-turner on Wheel Of Fortune propelled her to fame And made her a household name across America.

Her presence on the show, where she elegantly revealed letters on the puzzle board, contributed significantly to the program’s success And popularity.

White’s breakthrough on Wheel Of Fortune Not only solidified her position as a key figure In the entertainment industry but also showcased her charisma, style And professionalism, endearing her to audiences And establishing her as an integral part Of one Of the longest-running And most beloved game shows In television history.

Wheel Of Fortune salary

White’s salary for her role on Wheel Of Fortune Has been approximately $3 million per year since 2005.

This amount Is significantly less than what her co-host, Pat Sajak, earns, as he makes almost five times as much as White.

Despite her substantial contribution to the show And her consistent presence for over four decades, White’s salary Has remained at $3 million annually, reflecting a notable pay discrepancy between her And Sajak.

Additionally, for her involvement In the spin-off show, Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune, White reportedly earns about $55,000 per episode, while Sajak makes around $300,000 per episode.

Negotiations regarding White’s salary Have been ongoing, With her recent contract renewal including a pay raise, marking her First increase In 18 years.

Playboy lawsuit

White’s Playboy lawsuit stemmed from her appearance on the cover Of the May 1987 issue without her consent.

White, initially struggling financially In Hollywood, Had posed for lingerie shots years earlier to make ends meet.

Hugh Hefner acquired these Photos And published them In Playboy, leading White to file two lawsuits against the magazine.

The First lawsuit aimed to prevent the publication Of the Photos, citing potential damage to her Image.

The second lawsuit, filed In federal court, argued That White owned the Photos’ copyright.

Despite dropping both lawsuits, White expressed regret over the incident, emphasizing the importance Of following one’s instincts And Not doing anything against personal wishes.

The ordeal taught her a valuable lesson about staying true to oneself And the consequences Of actions taken under duress.

Key to the city Of Columbia, SC

White was honored With a key to the city Of Columbia, South Carolina, recognizing her significant contributions to the entertainment industry.

This accolade was bestowed upon her for her remarkable achievements And impact on television, particularly for her role as the co-host Of the iconic game show, Wheel Of Fortune.

The key to the city symbolizes the city’s appreciation And admiration for White’s work And influence, highlighting her status as a beloved television personality And cultural icon.

This recognition Not only acknowledges White’s success but also underscores her positive representation Of Columbia, South Carolina, on a national scale.

The key to the city serves as a token Of gratitude And respect for White’s enduring legacy And her longstanding presence In the world Of entertainment, showcasing the city’s pride In one Of its accomplished natives.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

White was honored With a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame In recognition Of her significant contributions to the entertainment industry, particularly for her role as the co-host Of the iconic game show, Wheel Of Fortune.

The star, located at 7018 Hollywood Boulevard, was unveiled on April 20, 2006, during a ceremony attended by notable figures such as Merv Griffin, the creator Of Wheel Of Fortune, Pat Sajak, executive producer Harry Friedman, And Other industry luminaries.

This prestigious accolade symbolizes White’s enduring popularity And impact on television, showcasing her status as a beloved television personality And cultural icon.

The Hollywood Walk Of Fame star serves as a permanent tribute to White’s remarkable career And her role In shaping the success Of Wheel Of Fortune, solidifying her place In entertainment history And highlighting her lasting legacy In the industry.

National Association Of Broadcasters Hall Of Fame

White was inducted into the National Association Of Broadcasters Hall Of Fame In 2006, alongside her co-host Pat Sajak, recognizing their significant contributions to the broadcasting industry.

This prestigious honor highlights White’s impact on television And her enduring presence as a beloved television personality.

The induction ceremony took place at the Encore Las Vegas on April 9, celebrating White’s role as the co-host Of the iconic game show, Wheel Of Fortune.

This recognition underscores White’s influence And recognition within the broadcasting community, emphasizing her lasting legacy In the world Of television And popular culture.

Vanna White Day

Vanna White Day was celebrated on May 13, 2006, In North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, In honor Of White’s achievements And contributions to the entertainment industry.

This special day was dedicated to recognizing White’s success And impact, particularly her role as the co-host Of the popular game show, Wheel Of Fortune.

The celebration marked a moment Of pride for the city And its residents, showcasing their support And appreciation for one Of their accomplished natives.

Vanna White Day served as a tribute to White’s longstanding career And her positive representation Of North Myrtle Beach on a national scale, highlighting her as a source Of inspiration And pride for the community.

Philanthropic efforts

White Is actively involved In various philanthropic efforts, demonstrating her commitment to giving back to the community.

She Is a strong advocate for charitable causes, notably supporting organizations like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital And the American Heart Association.

White’s philanthropic endeavors extend beyond financial contributions; she actively participates In initiatives to raise funds for these organizations, showcasing her dedication to making a positive impact on society.

Additionally, White Has her own line Of yarn called Vanna’s Choice, Which she launched In collaboration With Lion Brand Yarn.

Through This initiative, White donates half Of the proceeds from her yarn sales to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, contributing significantly to the hospital’s mission Of providing care And conducting research to combat childhood illnesses.

Her philanthropic work exemplifies her generosity And commitment to making a difference In the lives Of others, reflecting her compassionate nature And desire to support meaningful causes.


White’s family includes her parents, Miguel Angel Rosich And Joan Marie Rosich, as well as her stepfather, Herbert White, Jr., who raised her.

White was born Vanna Marie Rosich on February 18, 1957, In Conway, South Carolina.

Her father disappeared from her Life shortly after her birth, And when her mother married Herbert White, Vanna adopted her stepfather’s last name.

The family later moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where Herbert White became a successful real estate broker And owner Of White’s Realty.

White’s family background reflects a mix Of personal challenges And supportive relationships That Have influenced her Life And career.

Additionally, she Has two children, a daughter named Giovanna (Gigi) And a son named Nicholas (Nikko), from her previous marriage to George Santo Pietro, showcasing her role as a mother alongside her successful career as a television personality.



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