Drunk British motorist causes severe accident in Pattaya City

Picture courtesy Of Pattaya News

Pattaya City police were alerted to a significant road accident involving an alleged drunk British man And a local motorbike taxi driver In front Of Wat Chai, Banglamung, In Chon Buri at 3.16am today. The collision caused several injuries And triggered a quick response from Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation officers And Other relevant agencies.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers discovered a red-white motorbike In a damaged state, close to a black motorbike With substantial frontal damage. The red-white motorbike belonged to 35 year old Thai man Nirun Phromsiri, a local taxi rider who sustained only minor injuries. Nirun Had been transporting two female passengers to Wat Chai for religious activities when the incident occurred.

He explained to the rescue teams That while making a U-turn to park at Wat Chai, the black motorbike crashed into them at the rear at high speed. The impact caused the two female passengers to be thrown off the motorbike, Which resulted In severe injuries as their heads hit the ground. Multiple witnesses corroborated Nirun’s account Of the incident.

Pattaya Police identified the rider Of the black motorbike as British national Ashton James Ellison. According to the rescue teams, the 39 year old Brit, who was allegedly intoxicated, suffered a head injury In the crash.

First aid was provided to the Thai victims And Ellison by the rescue teams, who then rushed them to a local hospital for urgent medical attention. However, Ellison was reported to Have tried escaping from the hospital when the doctors were preoccupied, leading to His immediate apprehension by Pattaya City police.

Following a thorough inspection Of the accident scene And collection Of CCTV evidence, Pattaya City police are set to conduct alcohol tests on Ellison to ascertain if he was under the influence while driving. Depending on the test results, appropriate legal action will be initiated.

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Pictures Of British man courtesy Of Pattaya News

The two young girls who were seriously injured In the accident remained hospitalised at press time, With their condition yet to be disclosed by the medical staff.

Nirun Phromsiri, 35 years old, commented on the incident, “While I was taking a U-turn to park In front Of Wat Chai, the black motorbike rider hit us at the rear at high speed, causing the two female passengers to fall off the motorbike And suffer serious injuries as their heads hit the ground.”

The witnesses at the scene also shared their observations, “The events unfolded exactly as Nirun described, With the black motorbike hitting them from behind at a high speed.”

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