Twitch Prankster Boggles1 Sparks Controversy with Alleged AED Defibrillator Stunt

Boggles1, a Twitch streamer notorious for His risky And often fake pranks, Has once again captured the attention Of Social media after a clip Of him seemingly using an AED defibrillator surfaced online. Known for His penchant for faking dangerous stunts, Boggles1 was banned from Twitch In January 2024 for self-harm, after sharing a staged clip Of himself sticking forks In a toaster, simulating electrocution With added effects to make it appear real.

In the recent clip shared on His official X account, Boggles1 Is seen With an AED defibrillator, typically used by medical professionals to administer electric shocks to restore a normal heartbeat In patients experiencing cardiac arrest. In the Video, the streamer appears to use the device on himself, expressing fear before fainting And falling onto His desk.


First Streamer to Use an AED Defibrillator on Himself

— Boggles (@imboggles)”>April 3, 2024

The use Of a defibrillator on a healthy And conscious individual Can Have serious consequences, including skin burns And internal organ damage. Medical professionals caution against administering shocks to those who do Not require them, emphasizing the potential dangers associated With such actions.

Boggles1 claimed to be the First streamer to ever use an AED defibrillator on himself, sharing the clip on His X account. The Video quickly went Viral, garnering hundreds Of thousands Of views within hours Of being posted online. However, given Boggles1’s history Of staging fake pranks for views, the authenticity Of the clip remains uncertain.

Throughout the Video, Boggles1 expresses hesitation And fear, questioning the safety Of the device And expressing uncertainty about proceeding. Despite His apprehension, he proceeds to apply the pads to His chest, only to seemingly experience the shock And collapse onto His face.

The potentially dangerous nature Of the stunt, coupled With Boggles1’s history Of staging fake content, raises concerns about the influence Of Social media personalities And the lengths some may go to for views And attention. While it Is unclear whether the clip Of him using the AED defibrillator Is genuine, it serves as a reminder Of the risks associated With online content creation And the importance Of responsible behavior In the digital age.

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