Morgan Wallen Arrested After Allegedly Throwing Chair from Rooftop Bar –

Country music star Morgan Wallen found himself In hot water after allegedly throwing a chair from a rooftop bar In downtown Nashville on Sunday night, an incident captured on surveillance cameras. The footage obtained by TMZ shows a chair being hurled from the top floor Of Chief’s Bar on Broadway, landing just a few feet In front Of police officers. Although the Video does Not definitively identify the culprit, witnesses at the bar, owned by Eric Church, pointed to Wallen as the individual responsible.

According to reports, staff members alleged That Morgan Wallen laughed after tossing the chair, while police were able to corroborate these claims by reviewing footage from inside the establishment. This footage reportedly showed Wallen “lunging And throwing an object over the roof,” resulting In His subsequent arrest on charges Of reckless endangerment And disorderly conduct.


Morgan Wallen arrested In Nashville for allegedly throwing a chair off the roof Of a bar.

The chair landed just feet from several police officers who were standing In front Of the business at the time.

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave)”>April 8, 2024

Following His arrest, Morgan Wallen was seen In footage interacting With police officers outside the bar before being placed In the backseat Of a squad car. Despite the circumstances, he appeared to be In good spirits, smiling at fans through the tinted windows. The country singer was later taken to the police station, where he posed for a mugshot before being released on bond.

While Wallen’s attorney stated That he Is cooperating fully With authorities, speculation arose regarding the possible motivations behind His behavior. One source suggested That Wallen may Have been emotionally affected by His ex-fiancée KT Smith’s recent marriage to another man, indicating That he Has “never gotten over her.” However, another source dismissed This notion, asserting That the incident was unrelated to Smith’s change In relationship status.

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Regardless Of the underlying reasons, Morgan Wallen’s actions Have garnered attention And raised concerns about His well-being. The incident serves as a reminder Of the challenges And pressures faced by public figures, even as They navigate personal relationships And career success. Wallen Is expected to appear In criminal court on May 3 to address the charges against him, as the fallout from This incident continues to unfold.


morgan wallen on the top floor Of a six story bar, after letting the liquor talk

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A reenactment Of Morgan Wallens arrest.”>#Morganwallen

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80’s Rockstars hearing Morgan Wallen got arrested for throwing chairs off a rooftop

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Not even close to a wrestlemania-style chair. Morgan Wallen cleared Of all charges

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