Noah Cyrus Fires Back on Instagram Amidst Criticism Over Liam Hemsworth’s Gym Selfie Like –

Noah Cyrus isn’t one to stay silent In the face Of criticism. The 24-year-old songstress recently took to her Instagram Story to clap back at the haters who called her out for liking a gym selfie posted by her former brother-In-law, Liam Hemsworth.

In a since-deleted Post, Noah Cyrus expressed her amusement at the uproar over something as trivial as liking a Social media Post. “There’s No greater joy than seeing y’all get s0000000 angry over the dumbest s–t it’s so entertaining And funny,” she wrote. “Who gives a f–k.”

The controversy stemmed from Noah Cyrus liking a thirst trap selfie posted by Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus’ ex-husband. In the selfie, Hemsworth, 34, flaunted His toned muscles while captioning the Post “#Legday.” This seemingly innocent action by Noah Cyrus sparked rumors Of family feuds, especially amid reports Of her mother Tish Cyrus’ alleged marriage to her ex-flame Dominic Purcell.

Tish, 56, And Purcell, 54, went public With their romance In November 2022 And tied the knot In August 2023. The reported involvement between Tish And Purcell allegedly started while Tish was still seeing him off And on In a “friends With benefits” type Of relationship.


Noah Cyrus (Miley’s Sister) liked Liam Hemswroth newest pic on Instagram.

— Miley Cyrus Charts (@MileyOnStats)”>April 5, 2024

Despite the rumors And drama surrounding her family, Noah’s absence from Tish And Purcell’s wedding caught attention, especially since her sister Miley, 31, reportedly Had No knowledge Of the situation With Purcell. However, Tish Has since revealed That she And Purcell are undergoing couples therapy to work on their communication, indicating a commitment to resolving Any issues That may Have arisen.

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While the Cyrus family Has largely remained silent on these matters, the public scrutiny And speculation Have Not gone unnoticed. Noah’s response on Instagram reflects her resilience And refusal to let online criticism dictate her actions or emotions. As she continues to navigate the complexities Of fame And family dynamics, Noah Cyrus remains unapologetically herself, unfazed by the noise Of Social media chatter.

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