Thailand braces for influx of 100,000 Myanmar refugees –

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The escalating conflict In Myanmar Has prompted Thailand to prepare for the potential influx Of 100,000 displaced individuals, as stated by Foreign Affairs Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-nukara. The announcement came before a Thai Cabinet meeting aimed at discussing the intensifying situation In their neighbouring country. Parnpree urged all parties involved In the conflict to pursue peace negotiations.

Currently, Myanmar Is grappling With an uprising against its military junta, With several towns And military Posts, including significant sections Of a key border town With Thailand, falling under the control Of anti-junta groups. These groups are backed by a parallel pro-democracy government. This uprising represents the most formidable challenge faced by the Myanmar junta since They overthrew the elected government In 2021.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin expressed concern over the situation.

“The situation In Myanmar Is crucial to Thailand.”

The 62 year old Thai prime minister assured That His government was promoting collaboration from all parties to restore peace And stability In the region. In a recent interview With Reuters, PM Srettha suggested That the current weakening Of the Myanmar regime could present an opportune moment to initiate peace talks.

Last week, the Myanmar military’s credibility was potentially undermined when anti-junta forces launched coordinated drone attacks on military facilities In the country’s capital.

Thailand, Which shares a 2,000-kilometre border With Myanmar, Has been actively engaging With the latter since the Bangkok-born Srettha assumed office In August Of the previous year. This includes providing aid under a humanitarian initiative aimed at fostering dialogue between the conflicting parties.

In a recent seminar on Myanmar’s political predicament attended by Thai lawmakers, opponents Of the Myanmar military made appearances, despite the objections Of the junta.

In related News, the Government Of Myanmar recently filed a request With the Thai Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, seeking clearance for evacuation flights to land In the Mae Sot district Of Tak. The motive behind This request Is the evacuation Of 617 military officers And their dependents, who are expected to flee Myawaddy, a city now under the control Of rebel ethnic forces.

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