Gordie Howe’s last living sibling, Helen Cummine, dies at 90

A photo of all nine Howe siblings with their parents, Ab and Catherine, and spouses at a private dinner during the July 1966 tribute to Gordie Howe in Saskatoon. Gordie is in the front row, far right.

The event saw Howe, his wife, Colleen, and children Marty, 12, Mark, 11, Cathy, 7, and Murray, 5, arrive for a whirlwind celebration that included a downtown parade, noon-hour civic luncheon, a children’s program at the city’s arena freshly named for Howe, a private family dinner then a testimonial and entertainment back at the arena.

A vast area known as Holiday Park, where the future star had played as a boy, was renamed Gordon Howe Park.

In 2015, Helen considered the fame of Mr. Hockey.

“Like I told one woman, you go through the years and think, ‘Yeah, he’s a brother,’ ” said told Star-Phoenix reporter Kevin Mitchell. “Then you start watching a few hockey games.

“And now, my gosh — all this love and attention and acknowledgment of his troubles. It just gets you thinking. You realize that he is something. Maybe he isn’t just the kid who used to bug you all the time. …

“Most of the boys in the family were kind of soft-spoken. I always say I don’t know how come the girls were all loudmouths.”

Sixteen months later, Helen remembered Gordie upon his death.

“I guess he didn’t want to fight anymore, but what a fight he had,” she said. “Oh God, I just don’t know. I’m going to miss him so, so much.”

Top photos: Helen Cummine with her legendary brother Gordie Howe backstage at the February 2015 Kinsmen Sports Celebrity Dinner in Saskatoon, and with the Stanley Cup that evening.

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