Huge amount Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea paid to agents this season as FA publishes figures for all clubs

The Football Association has published its annual report on payments made to agents and intermediaries by English clubs this season – and some of the figures are eye-watering.

The size of agent fees across English football has increased significantly in recent years, with international agent fees rising by 42.5 per cent last year, according to a FIFA report.

That meant the figure for 2023 stood at a staggering £702.5 million, with clubs now utilising intermediaries more often in the transfer market alongside the market values of players continually increasing.

FIFA have tried to introduce a cap on agent fees in English football, but with no success thus far.

The FA has published two separate lists, with one listing total agent fees, while the other lists individual transactions between agents, agencies and clubs.

As far as the Premier League is concerned, almost all individual transfers in the 2023/24 season involved an agency, while most loan moves and new contract signings also required agents.

In the agent fees table, it is Chelsea that top the lists, with the FA reporting that the Blues shelled out an eye-watering £75,140,524 to football agents between the time period of February 1, 2023 and February 1, 2024.

In second place are Manchester City, who paid out £60,626,025.

There is then a big gap to Manchester United in third place, who spent £34,054,001 on agents over the time period. In fourth are Liverpool, who paid out £31,500,211.

At the other end of the scale are Luton Town, who spent £2,020,146 – a lower amount than a number of Championship clubs.

Meanwhile, newly-relegated Championship clubs Leeds (who top the second tier list) and Leicester have paid out more in agent fees than newly-promoted sides Burnley and Sheffield United. In addition, Leeds (£13,287,748) also spent more than Brentford (£8,147,957).

In League Two, meanwhile, Wrexham (£347,027) paid out more than a number of clubs in the division above, while Forest Green, who spent the second-highest amount in the division at £266,191, currently sit bottom of the fourth tier.

Conversely, Altrincham, who paid out just £2,500 to football agents – the lowest amount in the National League – are currently in fifth place in their division and on course for a play-off spot.

The highest non-league figure recorded belongs to York City, who spent £128,902 – over £40,000 more than second-placed Oldham (£82,161).

YORK CITY 128,902

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