Stephon Gilmore: Bill Belichick is the greatest coach, don’t let The Dynasty fool you

Stephon Gilmore is the latest former New England player to take issue with the portrayal of coach Bill Belichick in The Dynasty, the documentary about the Patriots.

Gilmore wrote on social media today that having watched the series, he’s disappointed in the lack of credit Belichick received for the Patriots’ success.

“Just watched The Dynasty,” Gilmore wrote. “Bill was the greatest coach I’ve ever been around. Don’t let that fool you. I’ll never forget we were a predominantly man team during the 2018 season all the way up to the Super Bowl. When we played the Rams we switched to Zone. No coach would switch what they did all season in a big game like that. Or Him telling me to play trail technique in buffalo because the Quarterback can’t throw against the wind when i was following a big time receiver. If you ever played corner that’s not a good feeling playing trail technique. I shut the WR down to 0 catches.”

It’s been a consistent criticism of the documentary that it portrayed Tom Brady and Robert Kraft favorably and Belichick unfavorably. Belichick hasn’t commented on it.

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