With debt from wrongful death case exceeding $100 million, lawyers will now target O.J. Simpson’s estate

Even though O.J. Simpson was somehow acquitted for double murder, a civil jury found that he did indeed kill Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. A $33.5 million verdict was entered against him.

With years of interest, the amount due now exceeds $100 million, according to DailyMail.com. And the lawyers plan to attempt to collect by targeting Simpson’s estate.

“We have to start over here,” attorney David Cook told DailyMail.com. “We’re going to work on that. There might be something out there. We’ve had this problem for a long long time. It could be in a trust, it could be probate. It could be all gone.”

As of June 2022, when the amount due was only $96 million, Simpson had paid a mere $133,000.

Simpson’s NFL pension was exempt from collection. If he has cash or other property in his estate, the families of those he killed might be able to get a little more justice.

And, yes, Simpson killed them. His death doesn’t change that. He had the ability to live a full life and to die of natural causes. Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman did not. Because of him.

He killed them. A civil court reached that conclusion. A criminal court should have, but the combination of a botched prosecution, a high standard of proof, and a dream team of lawyers who were able to conjured reasonable doubt kept Simpson from dying behind bars.

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