Mikel Arteta explains exactly why Gabriel’s handball vs Bayern Munich wasn’t a penalty

Mikel Arteta explains exactly why Gabriel's handball vs Bayern Munich wasn't a penalty

Mikel Arteta explained why he thought Gabriel Magalhaes’ handball against Bayern Munich was not a penalty.

Mikel Arteta explained why he thought Gabriel Magalhaes’s handball against Bayern Munich was not a penalty.

Bayern manager Thomas Tuchel was incensed in the wake of his side’s 2-2 midweek Champions League encounter with Arsenal after referee Glenn Nyberg decided not to give the Bundesliga side a spot-kick despite Gabriel picking the ball up in his own box.

Nyberg had blown the whistle for a goal kick when goalkeeper David Raya passed the ball to the central defender, who picked it up, placed it back down and passed it back to his colleague.

However, Arteta told the press ahead of Arsenal’s clash with Aston Villa that Bayern did not receive a spot-kick because the referee applied some “common sense” to the situation, adding that there was no advantage to be gained.

“Yes, I did notice it, especially after when there was a certain reaction from [the Bayern players],” Arteta said.

“I think the referees used the law. The law says to use common sense and whether you take an advantage from that situation, which there isn’t an advantage.”

After the Champions League draw on Tuesday Tuchel claimed Nyberg told his players that he had seen the incident in question but deemed it “a kid’s mistake”, adding that he “will not give a penalty” for it in a game of that magnitude.

Thomas Tuchel was furious after his side's 2-2 draw with Arsenal (Getty)

Thomas Tuchel was furious after his side’s 2-2 draw with Arsenal (Getty)

He said: “I know it is a crazy situation but they put the ball down, he whistles, he gives the ball and the defender takes the ball in his hand.

“What makes us really angry is the explanation on the field. He told our players that it was a ‘kid’s mistake’ and he would not give a penalty like this in a quarter-final.

“This is a horrible, horrible explanation. He is judging handballs. Kid’s mistake, adult’s mistake. Whatever. We feel angry because it is a huge decision against us.”

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