The best pickleball paddles for advanced players in 2024


For pickleheads who are ready to take their game to the next level, not just any paddle will do. The best pickleball paddles for advanced players need to be durable enough to withstand frequent, aggressive use. They should also offer the kind of advanced features you need to master the techniques and playing styles you enjoy most.

So if you’re ready to upgrade your pickleball gear, but not sure what to look for in your next pickleball paddle, we’ve rounded up our favorites here. From versatile hybrid models to specialized designs that emphasize power or spin, these are the best pickleball paddles for advanced players in 2024.

Best pickleball paddle for advanced players overall: CRBN-3X Power Series


Designed for both spin and power, the CRBN-3X is one of the most versatile pickleball paddles you can get. The all-court paddle weighs 7.8 ounces and features a 14 mm thick paddle with a durable carbon fiber face.

The midweight, hybrid pickleball paddle is surprisingly good at just about everything: heavy enough to generate serious power, light enough to maneuver fast kitchen exchanges and capable of creating tons of spin.

With that said, it can be a little difficult to control with its longer handle and stiffer feel. However, for advanced players, a few practice matches should be enough to give you a feel for the paddle so you can swing it confidently.

For skilled players with the technique needed to control it, the ability to get incredible power and spin out of the same paddle makes this one of the most enjoyable pickleball paddles you could play with.

Get the premium hybrid pickleball paddle for $230.

Top features of the CRBN-3X Power Series:

  • The 7.5-inch wide paddle has a generous sweet spot, making it surprisingly forgiving for an advanced pickleball paddle.
  • This midweight, hybrid pickleball paddle generates tons of power and spin, making it a versatile paddle for a variety of playing styles.
  • The premium paddle is built for performance and long-lasting durability.

$230 at Amazon

Best pickleball paddle for power: Selkirk Vanguard Invikta Power Air  


The Selkirk Vanguard Invikta has the all hallmarks of a high-end power paddle. The elongated shape, edgeless design and four-layer face featuring a blend of fiberglass and carbon fiber help you build up tons of power and speed in your swing.

Alongside those standard specs of a power paddle, the unique air dynamic throat at the bottom of the paddle improves the aerodynamics for even more speed so you can drive the ball fast and far with less effort.

While you won’t get as much spin out of it, the power-focused paddle is great for aggressive players whose best asset is their killer serve. Sturdy and durable, this pickleball paddle is also built to withstand that kind of aggressive playing style without losing its edge — figuratively speaking, since this paddle is edgeless.

Get the paddle built for power players at Amazon for $250.

Top features of the Gearbox Pro Power:

  • The elongated, edgeless paddle is ideal for power players.
  • The multi-layer paddle face features a durable blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass.
  • The air dynamic throat and edgeless design help you build up maximum speed through your swing.

$250 at Amazon

Best pickleball paddle for spin: Diadem Edge 18K


Carbon fiber is already a great choice for players who want tons of spin, but the Diadem Edge 18K takes it to a new level with its triaxial weave 18K carbon fiber face. With carbon fiber yarn woven at 60-degree angles, the paddle can generate spin at every angle of contact.

For players, that means consistent spin on every shot, no matter what angle you approach from. To balance out that spin-focused design, Diadem built the rest of the paddle for maximum control. The 8-ounce weight and 16 mm thick paddle makes it easier to maneuver and help create a larger sweet spot.

Overall, it’s great for finesse players or counterpunchers who focus on court placement and keeping their opponent on the move. The paddle offers enough control to keep up in fast-paced exchanges at the net, but enough spin to keep your opponent constantly chasing after the ball.

Get the spin-focused paddle at Amazon for $230.

Top features of the Diadem Edge 18K:

  • The unique multidirectional carbon fiber weave enables you to generate spin at every angle of contact.
  • A thick paddle and midweight design make this paddle easier to control than most spin-focused paddles.
  • With a soft grip and reinforced edge shield, this paddle is comfortable and durable enough to use for years to come.

$230 at Amazon

Best pickleball paddle for casual players: Vatic Pro Prism Flash


You’re ready to level up from the cheap, flimsy paddle you picked up when you first started playing, but you’re not a serious enough picklehead to commit to a super specialized or super pricey model? The Vatic Pro Prism Flash is for you.

Weighing in at 8 ounces, it’s a midweight paddle that offers a good balance of power and control. Adding to that power and control is the carbon fiber face and standard 7.7-inch width. That balanced design is versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of playing styles, allowing you to use this paddle for hard drives and lobs, as well as dinks and spins.

It’s also durable and well-built thanks to the carbon fiber material and one-piece construction. So this paddle will serve you well for years and you’ll immediately feel the difference compared to the cheaper, older paddle you started with.

At $100, it’s also much more affordable than the more specialized, high-end paddles on this list. So you get comparable durability and quality without the $200 (or higher) price tag.

Top features of the Vatic Pro Prism Flash:

  • The lightweight-yet-thick (16 mm) paddle with a durable carbon fiber face is a great balance of power, control and spin to accommodate all playing styles.
  • The balanced design and premium construction are built to last so you can use the same paddle for years. 
  • A neoprene cover is included to protect the paddle when not in use, further adding to its long lifespan.
  • Priced at $100, it’s more affordable than most advanced pickleball paddles.

$100 at Amazon

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