Whether $1 million or $10 million, the amount in the lawsuit against Rashee Rice doesn’t matter

Conflicting reports have emerged today as to the amount being sought in the lawsuit against Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice arising from last month’s street-racing crash.

At least two reports say it’s $1 million. At least one report says it’s $10 million. Here’s what I’ll say: It doesn’t matter.

For jurisdictional purposes, the amount being sought is relevant. For the final verdict, it’s not.

A jury will give whatever the jury gives. Key aspects include medical expenses, which have a specific number, and compensation for pain and suffering, which is up to whatever the jury chooses to give.

There’s no magic number when the case starts. All that matters is the number when the case ends. Barring a settlement, that’s the number that eventually will be determined — especially since there’s little question that Rice, who was racing at a high rate of speed, bears responsibility for the crash and the harm it caused.

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