Former Browns star appears to leak out Cleveland’s new helmet and logo for the 2024 season

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

The Cleveland Browns are expected to unveil a new helmet and logo at some point in the near future and you might not have to wait long to see the new look because it looks like Eric Metcalf might have already leaked it out. 

The former Browns star shared several photos on social media Tuesday before quickly deleting them. However, this is the internet, where it’s nearly impossible to delete something after you’ve put it out there and Metcalf found that out the hard way. Several people were able to take a screen grab of his deleted tweet, which showed an image of what is believe to be the Browns’ new helmet. 

If you’re wondering what’s different on the Browns’ helmet, it’s the facemask. The team has been wearing a Brown facemask with their helmets since 2015, but it looks like they’re planning to switch back to a white facemask, which is what the team wore from 1975 thru 2005. 

Although the Browns got rid of the white facemask in 2005, the team has brought it back for special occasions over the past three seasons.

Now, it looks like the white facemask is going to be part of their permanent look. With the team switching to a white facemask, that means the Browns will likely also be changing the look of their helmet logo. As you can see below, the logo currently has a brown facemask. 

If you look on the box of the picture that Metcalf shared, the helmet logo now has a white facemask. 

According to Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland, the new look is expected to be unveiled this week, so we shouldn’t have to wait long to see if Metcalf actually leaked out a picture of the real thing. Ruiter also noted that the helmet will be glossier and it will be an “orangier orange,” so that will also be something to look out for when the new helmet is released. 

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