Max Holloway’s Corner Had an Amazing Reaction to His Knockout of Justin Gaethje

Max Holloway defeated Justin Gaethje at UFC 300 with one of the most stunning knockouts in the history of mixed martial arts. We now have video of how his corner reacted to that devastating knockout, and it is amazing.

Holloway and Gaethje fought for five rounds for the symbolic “BMF” title belt on Saturday night. The two went back and forth throughout the contest, with Holloway getting the better of the action.

Late in the final round, while up on the scorecards, Holloway could have cruised to the end, not taking chances. Instead, with 10 seconds left, he pointed to the middle of the octagon and invited Gaethje to stand and trade haymakers to end the fight. His opponent obliged and they both swung from their heels as the clock counted down. As the seconds ticked away, Holloway connected with a right hand to Gaetje’s jaw, knocking him out cold with one second left in the bout.

The end of the fight is posted below, be warned it is incredibly violent.

Video of Holloway’s corner’s reaction to that scene is below, be warned there is some bad language.

Amazing. That’s just an explosion of emotion in a huge moment. Mixed martial arts corners and announcers often have incredible reaction shots, and this one lived up to the moment.

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