Michael Pittman Jr.: Anthony Richardson is ready for people to start talking about him

Wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. has played with a number of different quarterbacks since joining the Colts, but he is planning on it being a one-man show in 2024.

Pittman said he expects Anthony Richardson to play every game in his return from the right shoulder injury that cut the 2023 first-rounder’s rookie season short. Pittman said he’s “super excited” about that prospect because Richardson’s presence “opens everybody up” because of the multiple ways he threatens defenses.

Pittman added that he feels Richardson is itching to show off those abilities because of how little he got to show of his game last year.

“One thing that I’ve noticed is his confidence is coming back,” Pittman said at a press conference. “Obviously he got hurt and had to watch all the other young QBs . . . I can see it in his eyes that he is ready and he is ready for people to start talking about him too.”

Richardson and running back Jonathan Taylor only played a couple of snaps together in 2023 and Pittman says he thinks the Colts “can have the best RPO game” in the league with both of them in the lineup. If that’s the case and Pittman’s right about Richardson’s availability, the Colts should be pushing for a playoff spot.

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