Chiefs chose not to play Taylor Swift music in Arrowhead Stadium to be ‘respectful’ of Travis Kelce

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For as much attention as Taylor Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce got throughout the 2023 NFL season, fans may have noticed a lack of Swift’s music in Arrowhead Stadium. It turns out that was an intentional decision by the team to give Kelce some respite amidst the media frenzy.

Swift and Kelce’s relationship created a firestorm of media attention, and they were in the center of the spotlight from the first time the pop star showed up at a Chiefs game until Kelce and his teammates won Super Bowl LVIII. Because of that, Chiefs president Mark Donovan says the team was careful not to brighten that spotlight on its star tight end.

At the World Congress of Sports this week, Donovan said the Chiefs’ game operations team chose not to play any of Swift’s music during home games.

“We didn’t play a single Taylor Swift song during the season,” Donovan said, via Joe Favorito. “We made it clear to Travis that we were going to be respectful of his relationship from day one and make sure we didn’t create intentional distractions.”

Being under the microscope didn’t seem to affect Kelce much anyway. He finished the regular season with 93 receptions for 984 yards and five touchdowns. During the Chiefs’ playoff run, he caught 32 passes for 355 yards and three scores.

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