Don’t let Trevor Bauer distract you from fact that he’s pitching like ass in Mexico

Trevor Bauer and his agent are back to tweeting up a storm about his accusers, and retweeting anyone willing to talk about how MLB teams should be giving Bauer a chance in the majors. If you guessed this might be because they’re trying to pull attention away from something else, you’d absolutely be right.

Bauer made his first start for Diablos Rojos del México on Monday against the Puebla Tigres — and he pitched like absolute garbage. It was a performance so embarrassing that if you’re in the business of trying to make Trevor Bauer look like a maligned superstar, it would definitely behoove you to find anything you could to ensure people were talking about something else.

3.2 innings, 7 hits, 4 earned runs, 2 strikeouts — 9.82 ERA

If you assume that maybe Tigres are just a really great team that anyone might struggle against — you’d be wrong. They’re 1-3 on the season, and more importantly: Everyone else who followed Bauer was able to stop the bleeding and get the win after he almost screwed it all up.

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This horrific outing comes after Bauer and his camp were preening following an exhibition series against the Yankees where Bauer pitched three scoreless innings, but conveniently ignored that he was barely playing against MLB competition in his start.

Does Trevor Bauer deserve a shot to return to Major League Baseball? Well, right now he’s barely deserving a spot to play in the Mexican League. Maybe pump the brakes a little on all this.

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