Here are the only NFL teams Deion Sanders will allow son Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter to play for in 2025

Deion Sanders has had some interesting demands when it comes to the future of Colorado stars Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter, two players expected to be high draft picks in 2025. Sanders already has a platform on teams in cold-weather cities, but appeared to change his stance on that — a little bit.

Sanders has six NFL teams he wants his son and Hunter to play for in 2025, five are teams the Hall of fame cornerback has played for in the past. Per the New York Post, those teams are the San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Commanders, Baltimore Ravens, and Atlanta Falcons — the five teams Sanders played for in his illustrious NFL career. 

The sixth team? The Philadelphia Eagles.

Sanders said the Eagles would be a “good fit” for his son and Hunter, which Sanders reiterated regarding the teams he played for in his career as well. The Eagles are still a surprise, given that they have a quarterback in Jalen Hurts who would block the path for Sanders to start as an NFL quarterback.

Sanders has quoted Hurts in the past, which could lead to his desired interest in the Eagles for his son and Hunter. 

Philadelphia also has A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith at wide receiver, but there could be room for Hunter on defense if he commits to the other side of the ball. Sanders did play both ways during his career, having 36 catches for 475 yards and a touchdown in 1996 when the Dallas Cowboys were thin at wide receiver. 

As for the cold-weather cities? Notice Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington play in cold weather from December onward? 

Sanders also said both his son and Hunter would be selected “anywhere from one through four” in the 2025 draft, meaning No. 1 overall to No. 4 overall. The Eagles haven’t had a top-four selection in the draft since 2016 and had three straight seasons with a winning record (six of the last seven seasons with a winning record). Philadelphia may not be in “contention” to land Sanders or Hunter based on Deion’s comments. 

The 49ers and Ravens also are among the NFL elite teams, while the Cowboys are typically a good bet to make the postseason every year. Hard to envision either of these teams will have a top-four pick. 

Whether Sanders or Hunter lands on any of these six teams remains to be seen, and the process will have to play out in the draft. There’s a chance one of those six teams could take a shot on Sanders or Hunter, and Deion would be very happy. 

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