Jason Kelce Dumbfounded About How He Lost Eagles Super Bowl Ring in Skyline Chili

If you thought ever-excitable former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce would spend his retirement slowing down, you have been proven incorrect.

On Thursday, Kelce and his brother—Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce—hosted a live episode of their podcast, New Heights, from Cincinnati’s Fifth Third Arena. A night riddled with hijinks ended with the brothers receiving their diplomas, having missed their graduation ceremonies way back when.

One such episode led to the elder Kelce losing his Super Bowl LII ring in a pit of Skyline chili, Cincinnati’s most famous culinary export. On Wednesday, the elder Kelce took to social media to further explain his loss.

“I truly did not think the ring would go missing, still not sure how the New Heights team could have been so careless as to let this happen,” Jason wrote. “I fully blame (producer Jake Asman), he is the last person who saw it. I know from watching countless Law and Order [episodes] that means a whole lot.”

Kelce said he filed an insurance claim for the ring. In the meantime, sanitation workers of Cincinnati, keep your eyes peeled.

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