Trevor Bauer accuser indicted for fraud after alleged pregnancy

Baseball pitcher Trevor Bauer never was arrested or charged with a crime after being accused of sexual assault by multiple women. But now a crime has been charged in one of his cases — against one of his accusers for felony fraud.

The woman, Darcy Adanna Esemonu, previously filed a civil lawsuit against Bauer that said he assaulted and choked her in Scottsdale, Arizona, in late 2020. Bauer denied it and countersued her in April 2023, accusing her of fraud, extortion and fabricating a pregnancy.

A grand jury in Maricopa County, Arizona, then returned an indictment against Esemonu in March that charged her with fraud against Bauer and another man. In Bauer’s case, one of his representatives said the charge relates to making false representations that she was pregnant and costs she claimed were related to prenatal care and an abortion that didn’t happen.

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