Joe Schoen denies Giants have buyer’s remorse on Daniel Jones

Giants General Manager Joe Schoen is disputing talk that he and the team have regrets about the contract they signed quarterback Daniel Jones to last year.

Schoen was asked today about comments from Rich Eisen, who said after hosting NFL Network’s Scouting Combine coverage that he heard multiple times at the Combine that the Giants have “buyer’s remorse” about Jones and are ready to move on from him. Schoen disputed that.

“There’s stuff out there all the time that’s not true,” Schoen said.

So how does Schoen view Jones heading into 2024? Schoen says he still thinks Jones can be the quarterback he was in 2022, when he led the Giants to the playoffs.

“I’m still confident in Daniel, the way he’s wired, what he showed us in 2022,” Schoen said. “I’ve still got a lot of confidence in Daniel.”

Jones got off to a disastrous start last season before suffering a season-ending injury. If the Giants don’t have buyer’s remorse now, they will if Jones doesn’t both stay healthy, and dramatically improve upon his 2023 performance.

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