Lions’ new uniforms leak on social media; team responds, makes fun of situation with sneak peek at two jerseys


The Detroit Lions had their new uniforms leak on social media, a bit earlier than expected. Detroit was planning to release the changes later this month, but a Fanatics ad that leaked on a website went viral on social media showcased the new uniforms. 

The Lions went with a significantly simpler look, an ode to years past. 

The Lions also appear to be bringing back the black alternate uniform to the rotation for the first time since 2016 (they had a black outline on the jersey, or a black alternate jersey, in their rotation from 2003 to 2016). These jerseys are on par with what team president Rod Wood said last month. 

“They’re honoring our traditional color with a little updating and twist,” Ford said in March. “And it gives us a lot more options, too. We’re going to introduce a couple different pants options that can go with jerseys, so it will give us different options to wear during the season.”

The Lions had some fun with the jersey leak by Fanatics, even if they may not have been pleased about it. Teams do take a lot of time and effort into a social media unveil and photo shoot of their uniforms, only for it to be thwarted by something out of their control. 

The jerseys look significantly better on the players based on the appearance by Alim McNeill. Jared Goff also teased a video of the black alternate uniform, joking he needed to leak it to social media. 

The Lions will have three jerseys (home blue, away white and alternate black) per the leak — yet no word on whether the grey alternate uniform will return. The alternate blue helmet that debuted last year also has an uncertain future, which will be determined whenever the Lions decide to officially unveil their uniforms. 

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