Ravens, Bisciotti Foundation launch Ravens College Track center

The Baltimore Ravens are making a major financial commitment to College Track, a national, comprehensive college completion program that helps students from underserved communities that hope to become the first in their families to earn a degree.

The Ravens and The Stephen and Renee Bisciotti Foundation will contribute $10 million and the M&T Charitable Foundation will contribute another $10 million to the launch of the Baltimore Ravens College Track Center.

College Track will establish a physical location in Baltimore. It currently has 12 centers across the nation.

In all, the Ravens and the Bisciotti Foundation will give $30 million over the next decade to three organizations that are dedicated to providing access to higher education: College Bound, Bridges Baltimore, and College Track.

“The Ravens and the Bisciotti family believe enormously in Baltimore, in our youth and in the transformative power of education,” Ravens president Sashi Brown said in a statement. “This Ravens College Access Initiative puts our belief into action, in a deeply impactful way that will reach thousands of talented and promising youths across greater Baltimore. We are so grateful for the vision, commitment and partnership of both College Track and our great partner M&T Bank to launch the Baltimore Ravens College Track. We are also pleased to increase support of Bridges and College Bound, long-time community partners of the Ravens, who have a tremendous track record of success supporting underserved students.”

It’s a great gesture by the Ravens, and an important effort to break a cycle that often can’t be broken without some sort of tangible, external action. The money invested and actions taken by the Ravens and Bisciotti will help do that, for many.

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