Angel Unigwe’s leaked video on Twitter has led many to believe that most of these influencers are removing their videos to gain attention and visibility. This week alone, 75 private videos have been leaked online, nearly all featuring women! Does this mean that nearly half of women don’t know how to keep their private lives private?

Angel Unigwe’s leaked video and tape are now the most talked about topics on the internet, which has sparked debate among netizens. Some believe she was the one who leaked the video to the internet, while others believe she was not. So, to clear the air, I’ve also written this article to answer your questions.

Who is Angel Onyi Unigwe?

Angel Onyi Unigwe, commonly known as Angel, is a well-known actress, media personality, and brand influencer from Nigeria. On June 27, 2009, Angel was born in the Nigerian state of Imo. She gained notoriety very fast due to her exceptional versatility in acting.

In the scenic metropolis of Owerri, Imo State, Angel Unigwe was born and reared. Situated in Nigeria’s southern area. She comes from an artistic family. Angel was destined for greatness from birth. Her older sister, Princess Chizzi is a well-known actress, model, and TV personality.


Her identical twin brother Buchi has also inscribed his name in the Nollywood hall of fame with a golden pen. With parents and siblings who valued creativity and support, Angel was encouraged to express herself and pursue her passion for acting.

She successfully completed her primary education and received her first high school diploma. Angel is attending Junior High School in Lagos to complete her secondary education, juggling her acting career’s early stages with her academic obligations.

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Angel Unigwe leaked the video and tape.

But recently, something negative occurred online when a private video was made public. Her fans were upset about this rumor because they felt she was too young to be part of this trend. Even though the video wasn’t posted, her fans could still see her through pictures.

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Who Is Angel Unigwe’s Boyfriend? Is She Dating Anyone?

Any dating rumors have not been publicly confirmed or denied by Angel Unigwe. The young actress is committed to both her career and education.

Angel Unigwe has gained attention due to the recent controversy surrounding her allegedly leaked video. (Source for the photo: Search Engine Journal)

However, there have been several online rumors and conjectures that have been going around.

A young and gifted actress, model, and presenter from Nigeria named Angel Unigwe. She was born on June 27, 2005, in Lagos, Nigeria, so 2023 she will only be 18.

The performer has appeared in more than 30 movies and television shows since she began her acting career in 2015.

Light in the Dark, Three Thieves, The Olive, and King of Boys are a few of her best books.

She has also received recognition for her work through several awards, including the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Young/Promising Actor.