The NBA has witnessed the emergence of male and female superstars, and when it comes to Basketball stars, Candace Parker is one of them.

Being a highly accomplished American basketball player, Candace has significantly impacted both the women’s and men’s professional basketball tournaments. Aside from that, her name has also sparked some controversy. For a start, Here’s some more information about her:

Who Is Candace Parker?

Candace Parker is a well-known American basketball player who has thrilled the National Basketball Association (WNBA) and basketball world. Candace was born in St. Louis, Missouri on April 19, 1986.

Her popularity is widely attributed to her being known as one of the best female players in history. Her speed and versatility in multiple positions also contribute to her influence in basketball. Being 6 feet 4 inches tall and with her outstanding skills, Candace possesses an innate ability to make multiple maneuvers on the field of play.

Candace grew up in a supportive family and had little issues growing up as a child; her parents, having discovered her potential in Basketball, signed up early as a basketball, where she played for her local county team before gaining recognition in the Superleague.

Is Candace Parker Lesbian?

NO’ Rumours of Candace Parker being gay started in 2005 when WNBA legend Sheryl Swoopes took the spotlight by publicly announcing her relationship with another woman. The world of sports and the media downplayed the statement by stating that it was shocking for a lady in professional basketball to be a homosexual.

Before now, identifying oneself as a player to be homosexual in public was not heard. However, this year alone, more than a quarter of the individuals competing in the WNBA have identified themselves as members of the LGBTQ community. This proposition has led many to wonder if it Is true that Candace Parker is a lesbian.

Sports sources have it that Candy is a lesbian and is married to a Russian basketball player, Anna Petrakova.

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Who is Candace Parker’s Wife, Anna Petrakova?

According to Sportskeeda, Anna Petrakova plays basketball professionally for Russia and has married Candace Parker since starting her career in 2011.

Anna has been playing in the Russian league and, in 2015, worked at UMMC Ekaterinburg, where she met Candace Park.

The fallout in Parker’s previous marriage to Shelden Williams, another NBA player in 2008, led to her remarrying. They split in 2016 after having their first child.

Specific challenges and marital issues led Parker to reveal her marriage to Petrakova two years later. She had informed the press they were getting married on December 14, 2021, and expecting a child.

Parker announced that she and Anna Petrakova were married in 2019 and had a baby by Anna in 2022.

Who is Candace Parker Dating?

Before her marriage to Anna, Parker and Williams were married in the past. They even got married in ’08, and they had a daughter the following year.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the duo ended in 2016 due to what Candace called “bullying.” She had told the media that her ex-husband had a habit of teasing and gaslighting her due to her exceptional skill and talent on the field of play, and as a result, she couldn’t live with a jealous man.


Here is a summary of Candace Parker:


Candace Nicole Parker was born on April 19, 1986, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

She went to Naperville Central High School in Illinois and became a basketball player.

Afterward, Parker moved on with her education and basketball career at the University of Tennessee, where she played for the Lady Volunteers, winning awards during her college years.


Candace was selected as an overall pick in the 2008 WNBA Draft by the Los Angeles Sparks. Luck was on her side as she gained popularity by winning the League as a Rookie.


Parker’s awards remain numerous, from multiple WNBA MVP awards, championships, and All-Star selections. Her multifaceted aspect as a player, being competent in scoring, rebounding, and defense, made her fans and peers alike respect her.

Overseas Play

Parker has also played in international competitions during the WNBA offseasons. She’s played in various overseas leagues, including EuroLeague Women, where she displayed her skills to the world.

Personal Life

Candace Parker’s personal life has sparked media attention from her marriage to divorce and even to her remarriage.

Being previously married to former NBA player Shelden Williams and having a daughter together to accommodate Anna, her personal life entails a lot. In all this, Parker stays focused on her basketball career and philanthropic endeavor.


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