Famous American music record executive, Business mogul, and film producer Clarence Alexander Avant A.K.A(also known as) “The Black God Father” passed away on 13 August 2023 aged 92.

Clarence Alexander Avant was a music record executive, film producer, promoter, and businessman during his lifetime.

Clarence was the eldest of eight children born to his parents. Clarence struggled to grow up because he was raised by a single mother.

Clarence had always had a strong passion for music, but due to financial constraints, he could not realize his potential. This prompted him to move to New Jersey to live with his Aunt, where he began his music career.

Clarence worked as a manager at a New Jersey lounge known as “Teddy P’s Lounge” during his time there.

He went on to manage venture records shortly after Clarence launched his record label.”Sussex record”.

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How many Brother and Sister Does He Have?

Clarence is the eldest of eight children born to his mother, Gertrude, and has seven siblings, four of whom are male and three of whom are female.

The brothers of Clarence Avant are Harold L. Avant, Paul E. Avant, Weldon A. Avant, and Willian L. Avant. He has three female siblings: Linda Woods, Ann M. Avant, and Brenda Avant.

The Avant family is financially secure, as all seven of Clarence’s siblings are successful in their respective fields of work.

  • Paul Avant is an environmental specialist
  • Williams Avant is a real estate agent
  • Brenda Avant is a planet marketing and Intele Travel Business owner.
  • Linda Woods is a sole entrepreneur.
  • Harold Avant is a business mogul.
  • The Clarence family is blessed financially.

Clarence Avant’s Wife And Children

Clarence got married to Jacqueline Gray Avant in 1967 and their union was blessed with two children

The first born is Nicole Avant born in 1968 and her younger brother is Alexander Devore Avant born in 1971.

Jacqueline Avant during her lifetime was a patriot and a loving mother and she worked as a model at the Ebony fashion fair.

Jacqueline Avant was a kind-hearted, independent woman who joined an organization that promoted students’ rights and joined the board of the international student center.

Sadly, Jacqueline was shot and killed in their Beverly Hills home in December 2021. Her age was 81.

Their offspring continued their father’s success, carrying on his legacy.

Nicole is a former United state ambassador and she is happily married now.

Alex is a film producer and an actor.

This is a trying time for The Avant family as they’re finding it hard to deal with the loss of their loving dad. May God lighten up their hearts and strengthen them to overcome the pain of the loss. And May The Gentle soul of Clarence Alexander Avant rest in peace.