Is David Tennant Gay: How would you react if you were a celebrity and your influence became so profound that suddenly, you were caught in a rumor of something not pleasing to you? Well, a popular celebrity has fallen into this net.

Media sensation David Tennant has got the searchlight beamed on him for some controversial reason. The crooner who rose to fame in his performance on the television series Doctor from 2005 to 2010 has a case to answer for his teeming fans and spectators.

Like other public icons, David has been dragged with rumors of him being involved in sexual scandals and controversial relationship issues.

Okay! I guess you are eager to know exactly why this celebrity has caught the attention of the paparazzi. Grab a coffee and keep reading this article to discover if David Tennant is gay.

Who is David Tennant?

The acting maestro of Scottish descent, David Tennant, is a household name in British entertainment and the world beyond for his exceptional and multifaceted way of taking up any character he finds himself in.

David’s charisma and adaptability have earned him fame as he segues from playing low-end characters to high-end ones, attracting fans from all genres and styles of media.

Some of his well-known movies where he played interesting roles include the TV series Doctor, How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter’s series, Fright Night, and a host of other interesting movies. Without a doubt, David Tennant is a multi-talented actor.

But with the recent news of his involvement with some relationship scandals regarding his status and allegiance to the LGBT, will he be able to weather the storm and go on in delivering premium entertainment to his teeming fans? Let’s find out.

Is David Tennant Gay?

Aside from playing in the prominent Tenth Doctor Movie in the internationally acclaimed series “Doctor Who,” David Tennant has featured in many gripping performances, which include “Hamlet” and the TV show “Broadchurch.”

As to the question of being gay, David Tennant is not gay.

A possible reason why it is assumed that the star is gay lies in his unflinching solidarity with the gay movement, where, at one point, he was seen sporting rainbow-colored shirts.

News by the media house The Pink News opined that those who knew David’s friends have the presumption that their star might be gay because he makes friends with the LGBT community. Funnily, David’s response to how he felt that people were talking about his stance on being gay, the response he gives remains: “Why would it bother me?”

Tennant has been an amazing friend. He is friends with gay people and has even joined the Diversity Role Models organization to stop bullying because of sexual orientation.

In the eyes of the Gay community, they view David Tennant as an amazing friend who stands in for those he loves without holding back on anything.

Recently, he was wearing a rainbow-colored badge and holding a non-binary allegiance flag. Furthering the assumption from many that he is gay. David’s support of the LGBT community is also a way to support his child, who is neither a boy nor a girl.

Is David Tennant Married?

Georgia Tennant is the only recognized wife of David Tennant and remains so; the duo, who have been married for a long time, have had no reason to call off their marriage.

In an interview with Georgia, she highlighted details of how she met with David long before his fame spread abroad, and since you, our readers, are in for gist, we bring you a short story:

When Did David Tennant Meet Georgia Tennant?

The couple David and Georgia met in 2008 during a movie shoot where Georgie was part of a cast in Jenny.

In the role Georgia played, she happened to be the daughter of the Doctor in the movie “Doctor”, in which David was the main character; this collaboration led to a spark that had both of them walking the aisle.

David Tennant’s Early Life

Born David John McDonald on April 18, 1971, in Bathgate, David Tennant chose the name when he left the watchful eyes of his very rich family. Helen, his mother, and Alexander McDonald, his father, birthed David, who grew up under their watchful eyes.


Celebrity culture tales about a famous person’s private life often take prominence in the media and the entertainment world. People will always have a thing to say as regards their favorite personality.

However, care should be taken on how the public preys on the private life of their actors, and sometimes it could come off as disrespectful.

While David Tennant’s talent, support, and discipline to be the best in the entertainment world, fussing about his relationship and marital preference should be out of reach for those wishing to know. Luckily, David has already stated that he doesn’t care.