New Zealand has launched trying to attract officers from different regions by offering them better weather, higher pay, and a relocation bonus of AU$ 20,000 (NZ$21,555).

The State Government gave its approval for an advertisement to appear in the New Zealand Herald. The message here is to “Come and enjoy the sun and swap chilly winds for a chilly bin on the beach!” It also encourages Kiwi police to think about moving to Queensland for a more pleasant climate and richer lifestyle.

The cool thing about this offer is that it is a general offer; no specific location was mentioned. This implies that anyone can take advantage of the Queensland Police’s offer. I realize that accepting this offer would allow you to earn sizable salaries, but you never know what other benefits might be included.

Any officer who meets the requirements may apply for a relocation grant worth up to AU$ 20,000 that is available for a short time and is meant to ease their move.

Discover the exceptional policing lifestyle in paradise, whether in one of our idyllic coastal towns, rural communities, or thriving cities. In addition to receiving top pay in both Australia and New Zealand, the members of our police forces also receive thorough training and unwavering support while traveling.

Queensland Police Service

The Queensland Police website strategically introduced the catchphrase ‘sunshine and salaries’ during the peak of New Zealand’s chilly winter.

Speaking on Tuesday to AM, Queensland Police Acting Superintendent Renee Kurtz explained that the recruitment of New Zealand officers is based on their impressive qualifications and training.

“Why miss out on the charm of Queensland? Townsville boasts a delightful 26 degrees today – who could resist the idea of sunny days paired with chilly bins?”

Kurtz informed AM that their recruitment efforts extend beyond New Zealand. Queensland police are actively seeking officers from various regions, including Australia, Canada, and the UK, as part of a significant recruitment push.

Details of the offer

According to information available on the New Zealand Police website, individuals undergoing training as officers would commence with a base salary of $56,219, which would then progress to $81,710 during their initial year of service. As they advance in their career, an officer in their fifth year would find their earnings reaching $93,268.

For those diligent Kiwi officers who may be contemplating the prospect of embracing this opportunity, a rather intriguing observation comes to light – one that could be seen as positive news for some, while potentially unsettling for the nation of New Zealand as a whole. The focal point of this observation is the rather significant contrast in the starting remuneration for a first-year constable when comparing the two regions.

Remarkably, commencing a career as a first-year constable in Queensland carries a substantially higher initial annual wage, clocking in at AU$98,000 (which equates to approximately NZD$105,543). To add to the allure, the Queensland Police Service has adopted a commendable policy for skilled New Zealand officers, granting recognition of their previous experience and rank, extending this recognition up to the esteemed status of Senior Constable.

However, that’s not all. As a noteworthy incentive, the Queensland Police Service sweetens the deal by offering an additional $20,000 relocation bonus. This relocation stipend further amplifies the attractiveness of the package, effectively serving as a buffer that bolsters the overall appeal of making the transition from New Zealand to the sunny shores of Queensland.