Rina Yasutake Biography: Consider a story that appears too unbelievable to be true. Rina Yasutake was a brilliant student whose life turned unexpectedly after her death. You’ll never believe what happened.

Her family kept her body for nearly two weeks. When asked why, they replied. They claimed that our deceased daughter is still alive. When the police finally intervened, they discovered her in a partially mummified state, which stunned the entire community.

This article is written specifically to reveal Rina Yasutakea’s biography, as well as her net worth and date of birth.

Who was Rina Yasutake?

Rina Yasutake was a bright, promising student admired by her peers for her God-given knowledge. Unfortunately, she died with all her knowledge and was still on scholarships. Something terrible happened after her death: her parents kept her dead body inside their home for weeks.

When the police finally found her, her body had been partially mummified, leaving everyone stunned. This incredible series of events occurred between 1980 and 1985.

More about Rina Yasutake

Rina lived in North Yorkshire, United States, with her mother and two siblings before her death. Police discovered her body in an almost mummified state. According to some sources, she had stopped eating for an extended period and displayed unusual behavior, which her brother attributed to their father’s death. Surprisingly, the postmortem examination could not determine the cause of her death. Her mother, Michiko Yasutake, her sister, Yoshika Yasutake, and her brother, Takahiro Yasutake, were all her family members.

According to the BBC, the family was initially charged with preventing a lawful and decent burial. Still, the prosecution was dropped after discovering that the family members had a rare mental disorder.

Wikipedia Profile

Full Name Rina Yasutake
Known As Rina
Date of Birth Between 1980 and 1985 (Speculated)
Age Passed Away
Birth Place Japan
Profession Will Update
Nationality Japanese
Religion Buddhism (Speculated)
Ethnicity Japanese
Current Location Passed Away
Marital Status Unmarried
Husband None
Father / Mother Mother: Michiko Yasutake
Children None


What was the ethnicity of Rina Yasutake? Her ethnicity was mixed Japanese.


What was the age of Rina Yasutake? Passed Away

Educational Career


Queen Mary’s School

Alma Mater

University of Cambridge

Highest Qualification


Net Worth

Her estimated net worth before her death was between $3,000 and $4,000,000. However, remember that her net worth may change since she is no longer alive. However, her net worth could rise over time if her family successfully makes investments with her money.