Catalina Jaramillo’s name has been trending on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for the past 48 hours: Jaramillo, an assembly candidate, recently found herself at the center of attention after a video of her affair with her partner surfaced online. This video was shared on Twitter and Reddit, causing controversy and debate. Some ask how she could have posted that kind of video, while others claim that someone may have backstabbed her and posted her private moments. Read this article to learn the real story behind this video.

Catalina Jaramillo’s video recently went viral on the internet; it was said that it was posted at 12 p.m. when most people were sleeping. This video has received a lot of shares from netizens, but some mature and educated people have condemned it because it contains nudity.

Who is Catalina Jaramillo

Catalina Jaramillo is a well-known Colombian politician who rose to prominence after running for the Antioquia Assembly on behalf of the Green Party. She has maintained an active presence on Facebook and Twitter, regularly posting campaign speeches and asking her followers to vote for her. Regrettably, her name has become a source of contention due to a video leak on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Many people have asked for more information about the incident since it occurred.

According to reports, Catalina Jaramillo, a candidate for the assembly, had a video go viral on social media. Specifically on Twitter and Facebook. It was later revealed that this video contained explicit content.

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Catalina Jaramillo Video Viral Footage

Catalina looked like she was about to sleep or waking up from a nap because she was naked but covered with a blanket. Furthermore, Catalina recorded the video after a night with her partner, and her remarks during the video surprised many people because she was an essential figure in her country as well as someone who many people aspire to be like.


Catalina Jaramillo dice que el video íntimo donde invita a que voten por ella a la Asamblea de Antioquia fue filtrado. #antioquia #catalinajaramillo #fyp

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Furthermore, her current position is far too important for this type of video to be leaked online. Some social media followers believe this video will do her more harm than good.

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Her Response to the Leaked Video

For the time being, she has not appeared to address the issue of the leaked video; some netizens claim she is traumatized by the video. Catalina, on the other hand, remains silent on this issue.


Catalina Jaramillo Video Viral Footage: At the end of the day, we’ve seen why we should always keep our personal information private from certain people. Even if you video yourself to see how God created you, please delete the video after viewing it. Share your video with no one, not your partner or a family member.