As of yesterday, Milagros Monserrat’s video was trending heavily; many people find it disturbing because it is an eyesore. Within an hour of being posted, the video had 500k views. Continue reading if you want to learn more about this video.

Milagros Monserratt is a 38-year-old Mexican woman who has been trending on the internet due to a tragic event that took her life. When word of her untimely death spread on social media, her name became a trending topic.

On a dependable day, August 10, 2023, Milagros was out for a stroll on the street of Lago Zumpango when she was menacingly confronted by a man wearing a green shirt and jeans, which ultimately resulted in her horrifying and fatal death. She was fatally stabbed by the man sporting a green shirt before he fled.

The man confronted her without realizing that surveillance cameras were recording everything, and the video quickly went viral online, gaining a lot of attention and spreading awareness about the tragic incident.

Milagros Monserratt Murder Case Update – Man Arrested

On August 10, 2023, Milagros Monserratt was stabbed to death. Police said the incident stemmed from a property crime when they arrived at the scene where Milagros was discovered dead.

León’s Secretary of Security, Prevention, and Citizen Protection stated that it might have occurred due to personal animosities.

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Alejandro Navarro, the mayor of León Guanajuato, later provided an update on the murder investigation on August 11, 2023, noting that a man named Miguel had been detained.

According to reports, the murderer’s name is Miguel de Jess Octavio “N.” Additionally, the police are currently in charge of him and are looking into him.

Therefore, the concerned department is anticipated to provide additional updates on the murder case soon. Stay tuned to this website to learn how the case ultimately turned out.