Watch: Leaked BJP MLA Rashmi Verma’s video and photo are quickly becoming popular online; this offensive video has found a home on the sites of the internet’s users, receiving more than 12 million views.

The internet has received a lot of attention because of this video. After the release of this video, Twitter erupted. This is good, but before we get into the video details, let’s first establish whether she was the one who independently leaked her video. You are aware that the majority of people, including celebrities, leak their videos to get attention. So if you’re interested in learning if she was the one to leak her own video, read this.

After a video of BJP MLA Rashmi Verma was posted by an unknown user, it received 12 million views. Many people have slammed her on social media, particularly Indian-based citizens. Her posting of nude content on the social media platform has been condemned by elderly women and men. Some have stated that she was not the one who posted the video, while many strongly disagree with that. Well, the purpose of this article is to learn about the poster of this BJP MLA Rashmi Verma Video and Photo on the internet.

Was She the one who leaked her video

There is no way to know if she was the one who truly leaked her own videos on the internet, but my analysis proves it without a doubt.

From the looks of things, she’s not just an Anyhow person who will leak her own video. Also, she is not a celebrity looking for attention, so why would she leak her own videos? She was not the one who leaked the video on social media.

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Leaked BJP MLA Rashmi Verma Video and Photo

The leaked video of BJP MLA Rashmi Verma has caused her more harm than good. Because of the leaked video, some people on social media have taken it upon themselves to protest against her leaked video.

Rashmi Verma, the dynamic BJP MP from Narkatiaganj, has used social media to expose a malicious campaign aimed at sullying her reputation. Shocking and doctored images have circulated recklessly in the local community, fueling an outrage that demands immediate action.

But we will not remain silent. We’ve spoken up at the highest levels of government, demanding justice and accountability. It’s not just a political figure’s plea; it’s a call to all concerned citizens. For the sake of truth and integrity, each individual should clear their mobile devices of these harmful images.

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BJP MLA Rashmi Verma Responds to Her Video

This isn’t just about me, MP Rashmi Verma boldly stated on her social media platform. It’s about my opponents’ desperate attempts to undermine me and my responsibilities. They’re resorting to deplorable tactics, hoping to unseat me from my rightful place.

Amid this tumultuous storm, the spotlight has been on MP Rashmi Verma for the past couple of days. Viral images, designed to shock and scandalize, have set tongues wagging in the district. The administration has stepped in, vowing to bring those responsible to justice. Sanjay Sarangpuri, seen alongside MP Rashmi Verma in the incriminating photos, is at the center of the storm.

A twist in the tale reveals that Sanjay Sarangpuri was a former associate of Rashmi Verma, having collaborated with her for up to two years. This revelation changes the game. Rashmi Verma, undeterred, has released a statement asserting that a sinister plot is underway to manipulate fabricated images and sully her reputation through social media.

But Rashmi Verma isn’t backing down. She’s ready to fight back. She’s making it clear that she’s determined to take legal action against those responsible for this shameful act. The battlefield? A defamation lawsuit that will hold the purveyors of lies accountable.

In an era where misinformation spreads like wildfire, Rashmi Verma is taking a stand against the tide of deceit. Social media may be a double-edged sword, but she’s wielding it with determination and resilience. It’s time for the truth to shine through the murky depths of falsehoods.


Leaked BJP MLA Rashmi Verma’s Video and Photo has massively gained about 12 million views and 63k share in less than eight hours since the video was posted.