Watch Viral Video of Miss Pacman on Twitter: We are grateful for social media because we would not have known what was happening worldwide without it. A video of Miss Pacman Guatemala’s split face has gone viral and swept the internet.

Twitter and Reddit are just two social media sites where the video spreads like wildfire. The video was also posted on YouTube, but they removed it because it was offensive and against their rules.

Most people are unaware of how this all began. Let me begin by explaining how it all began.

Miss Pacman Guatemala Face Split Video

On October 29, 2018, a tragic incident took place. Alejandra Ico Chub, also known as Miss Pacman, was a woman who died after being murdered by her violent husband. Even more disturbing is the fact that it took place in their house. Her face was cut to pieces by her husband while she was still in bed.

The worst part of the situation is that the husband not only committed the crime and fled, but he also captured every tragic moment on camera. Surprisingly, he then shared this revolting video online, making it available for anyone to view.

Many people are shocked by this incident and wonder if the husband is insane for killing and posting on social media. While this issue is being discussed on various social media sites, some people are calling the police to ensure that he is put in jail.

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Why is a video related to Miss Pacman, Guatemala, going viral?

Social media is where trends happen, particularly when posting offensive content. Miss Pacman, who was enormously well-liked in her hometown, is the proper explanation for the popularity of this video. Social media is also a big fan of bad things.

Additionally, it was claimed that some neighbours heard her sob but assumed it was just a normal argument between the couple. Because this was a heinous act, we pray that she receives justice. No one should be allowed to go free after committing a crime of this magnitude.


Watch: Miss Pacman Guatemala Face Split Video Goes Viral on Reddit and Twitter: This crime has taught us not to trust anyone and to pray for a long life constantly.